Values The Commonwealth Centre for e-Governance

eGovernance Focused: As an organisation for E-Governance, The Centre will strive to view the world through the perspective of e-governance.

Ambitious but Pragmatic: The centre sets its hopes and aspirations high - for E-Governance and accepts that its roles and responsibilities are pragmatic.

Open: The Centre will work with quality and equality assurance for all, moderated by any unique circumstances and perspectives of the diverse communities of interest, practice and expertise that it is created to serve.

Accountable: The Centre will be accountable to the objects for which it is established in the pursuit of electronic governance.

Unity in Diversity: The Centre will value diversity in all those communities of interest, practice and expertise who strive to achieve a state of electronic governance that is critical to the Centre's shared purpose.

Collaborative: The Centre will seek to forge and nurture alliances and partnerships with diverse human and institutional communities of practice in the Commonwealth and beyond.