Partners and Alliance The Commonwealth Centre for e-Governance

The Centre will seek to forge and nurture alliances and partnerships with diverse human and institutional communities of interest and expertise in the Commonwealth and the world over, including:

National governments and government establishments;

  • Academic institutions;
  • Knowledge-based organizations;

Public and private sector institutions

  1. Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Gawlior (

CCEG India supporting following Project

1. MANSOON Project -This initiative promotes and encourages European & Indian ICT co-operation in general and the portal ( offers a range of on-line services for all interested parties. You can become a member of the community simply by registering and once your registration is approved, you may access the profiles of fellow community members, insert partner searches & expertise offers, access the ICT market backgrounder documents providing a deeper insight into ICT in both Europe & India, and much, much more.

2. Project Link- EPRI knowledge is a 36 months project of the 6th Framework Programme. The project is part of the EPRI Initiative (European Parliaments Research Initiative), which already exists since 1994. EPRI knowledge contributes actively raising awareness of Information Society Technologies among parliamentarians from the EU, national and regional level. The project supports the dissemination of results of the EC's Information Society Technologies (IST) programme and fosters the political debate of future activities. Further Information as well as the background of EPRI knowledge can be found on the project web